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Apple iPhone 5S launching in June in multiple colors, NFC, super HD display, claims analyst

Apple could break its annual iPhone update schedule and launch a new iPhone as early as next June, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. The analyst claims that Apple would launch the iPhone 5S in 6-8 colors rather than just black and white, which has been the default since the iPhone 3G launch in 2008. Probably, Misek is looking at the current iPod touch portfolio and extending it to the iPhone 5S.

Misek is also claiming that the iPhone 5S will have a super HD resolution display, probably Sharp’s IGZO and will also feature better battery and NFC capabilities. He also expects Apple to offer a 128GB variant of the iPhone, which Apple has never offered till date and has capped it at 64GB. Misek has a hit-and-miss record as he rightly called the iPhone 4S when everyone was calling it the iPhone 5, though he has been calling for Apple to launch its television all year long.

However, it could be possible for Apple to change its policy of one annual update and possibly go for an update every six months instead. Consider this, Apple has updated its entire product portfolio that includes the Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone towards the end of the year and it will be difficult to think Apple to stay quite throughout the first half of next year. Apple typically had its product launches spread out through the year.

JEFFERIES: The iPhone 5S Is Coming Next June In 6-8 Colors


Apple will release an iPhone5S in June, a break from the pattern it’s established over the last two years, says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek in a note this morning.

Misek is predicting the iPhone 5S has a new «super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC,» and «possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage.» He’s also predicting it comes in 6-8 colors, presumably similar to the iPod Touch which comes in a bunch of colors.

The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 were released in the September/October time frame. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 came out in the June/July time frame.

Why flip back to the mid-year launch? Misek doesn’t give an answer, but Horace Dediu at Asymco has an interesting theory on why Apple would speed up its release cycle.

This year, Apple’s sales dipped significantly two quarters before the launch of a new iPhone. Consumers held off because they knew a new phone was coming. Apple wants to avoid loading all its sales into one half of the year. By accelerating its product releases it can avoid his problem.

Now, a note about Misek’s predictions. Misek had been making a lot of bad predictions about Apple TV for years. For instance, in August he said the Apple television was in full production and would be out by year end.

But, he nailed the iPhone 4S ahead of everyone else. In May 2011 when everyone was calling for an iPhone 5, he called for an iPhone 4S, which turned out to be accurate. So, his iPhone predictions seem trustworthy.

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